• New Restaurant and Banquet Facility

    What is known as today's Penna's opens in Sterling Heights, replacing the 1974 Warren Facility. To this day, present time, the tradition still carries on!

  • Penna's of Sterling Opens

    Penna's of Sterling would consist of an even larger Banquet facility in Sterling Heights with a whopping 1,100 person capacity.

  • Penna Family Opens a Large Restaurant

    The next Penna's restaurant would be much larger, and was located in Warren Michigan. The facilities would double as a spacious 250 person capacity Banquet facility.

  • First Restaurant Opens

    The first Penna's is opened with Angelina's century old Italian recipes. The first Penna's had a 75 person capacity. Angelina's nephew Sandy Polidori would arrive in America around this time.

  • Marylou Penna is Born

    Daughter of Angelina and Frank Penna, with brothers Tony and George.

  • Frank Penna Brings His Family To America

    Frank Penna saved up his hard earned money to bring his family to America. This included his Wife, Angelina Penna, and his 2 sons Tony and George Penna. Shortly thereafter and for the remainder of the decade Frank Penna worked in construction, while Angelina worked in a factory, to support their family.

  • Frank Penna Moves to Detroit

  • Frank Penna Arrives in New York from Italy