Reminder List

As your reserved date approaches, you should refer to this list as a guideline

  1. Complete your menu at anytime it is convenient, but it should be completed at least 3 to 4 weeks before your date.
  2. Ten (10) days before the party we will need a final count. We will then prepare a personalized table arrangement based on your final count.
    • No less than ten (10) people at a table (can seat eleven)
    • The tables are 66″ round and are 28″ apart from the floor
    • For a head table allow 2′ per person
    • Please notify us of cake table size
  3. The week of your party we will need you to make an appointment to bring in any items you wish to have us set-up for you. Your boxes should be labeled on the side with your name, date of party, and the room you have. If you have numberous boxes you should plan on bringing a helper as boxes need to be brought upstairs because of other parties taking place downstairs. (Wedding parties should refer to the wedding check off list.) At this time you will also make your final payment. Penna’s will not store or set-up centerpieces or cake and cake parts. Penna’s will not set-up anything brought in the day of. (example: favors, seating arrangement cards, etc.)
  4. Florists, decorators, musicians, etc. can come in to set up after 1:00 PM on the day of your party. Please let decorators know that items may not be attached to any wall, floor or ceiling with nails, staples, tape, or any other substance in order to prevent damage. Decorations are to be contained in the banquet room only.
  5. Please check your contract or agreement with band, photographer, etc. concerning eating that evening. If they request a table, they must be included in your final count.
    Suggestion: If there are any vacant seats available after all the guests have arrived, they may fill-in at no cost to you. Setting up extra tables during the party causes confusion.
    • Please assign someone to collect at the end of the evening all of the items you wish to have returned to you. For example: cake parts, goblets, guest book, etc. Penna’s will not be responsible for any items left.
    • Please remember to refer to this list to aid you in planning a wonderful party. If you have any questions concerning this list please call.